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Petеr Stoyanov Chuchuligov was born on March the 5th  in the last century, in the year 1978 in Plovdiv.


In his memories, his childhood passed among nature itself, studying its beauty and sights of the picturesque small town of Krichim and its surroundings. His interest in aesthetics and art is growing especially in his early years when he began his secondary education at the Special School for Applied Arts in the city Smolyan. At that time, Peter started to understand the idea of art in depth. On the other hand, thanks to the strong commitment to children and the approach of the secondary school teachers, the artist also started to built its unique view of the world.


As a result of the ever-deepening passion and desire to express himself in 2003 Peter enrolled in the "Poster and Visual Communication" specialty at the National Art Academy in Sofia. The artist graduated in the class of Professor Georgi Yankov and started working in an advertising agency due to the exceptional quality of his projects and portfolio with a variety of techniques and styles. The majority of the work he has done in the past 8 years are focused in creating poster designs, books, postcards, illustrations, fanzines. At the same time, during his work at advertising agencies, Peter created a comprehensive vision for the marketing campaigns for major international companies.


His currently works as an industrial designer in one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in Eastern Europe.


The most accurate perspective of the work of Peter Chuchuligov and his view on the world is visible from his many participations in exhibitions, triennials, competitions for painting, bookplate and many others.


The most significant events where Peter Chuchuligov participates are: „The caravan of ten words“, poster exhibition, “Altera-center“ galery, Sofia, 2010, exhibition „Young bulgarian poster artists“, „Ushuk“ galery Istanbul, 2008, Exhibition „60 years poster specialty“ –  „The academy“ galery 2008, exhibition „young authors“, Sofia Philharmonic, 2007, International triennial of stage poster Sofia – 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.


First place in the exhibition “The bulgarian letters – the alphabet of europe” – 2008, organizator of art plein-air, Krichim – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2015, first rock art plein-air, Kavarna, plein-air in the city of Vetren (2006); Ahtopol (2006); 45th international plein-air in Strumica, Macedonia, third place in the student exhibition for painting of Usta Genov.


In 2006 wins the participation award in ex libris exhibiton in honor of 110 years National Art Academy as well as several awards in the exhibition for student art in the academy exhibition.


Peter also participates in creating the design for boutique post card by Bulgarian posts “100 years post station Glozhdene”, design for boutique post card by Bulgarian academy of science, “100 years from the birth of academic Angel Balevski” and design for boutique post card by “Zaharni zavodi” Gorna Oriahovica

His passion for poster is viewed from his illustrations for books and magazines:


- “When angels go mad”, Andrea Iliev – cover


- “Tangra’s rematch”, Andrea Iliev – illustrations


- “Detective in the twillight zone”, Andrea Iliew – cover


- illustrations for “Insight” magazine.

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